“Supervision is an opportunity to bring someone back to their own mind, to show them how good they can be” – Nancy Kline

I recognise that being in a trusting environment where you can reflect on your work and receive support is critical to your professional growth.

By being able to openly contemplate your work, consider the challenges you have faced, and commending suitable strategies, you are developing your idiosyncratic expertise.

I aim to offer that space to psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, and trainees as well as other mental health professionals and professionals dealing with mental health wellbeing or challenging behaviours.

I have 16 years post qualification experience and I am recognised as a Supervisor by the British Psychological Society on the RAPPS register. After I qualified as a Clinical Psychologist, I underwent an additional 4-year training program in psychotherapy. My training in both fields has given me a unique approach in supervision where I can tailor supervision according to the supervisee’s needs. I am able to supervise practitioners who use the following modalities:  Psychodynamic psychotherapy – Psycho-Organic Analysis – CBT and third wave – Clinical/Counselling Psychology – Gestalt therapy – Integrative psychotherapies. I also have experience in supervising multi-disciplinary teams in a variety of settings such as support workers, managers in corporate settings, charity volunteers, sollicitors, social workers etc

I offer all prospective supervisees an initial 15 to 20 min video call or phone call (depending on their preferences) to see if we are a good fit. For more information don’t hesitate to contact me.

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